The Return of the Barracudas

The year was 1966. The Barracudas were hailed as Columbus's youngest professional Rock and Roll band. Their gigs consisted of street dances, sock hops, pizza parties, and fun festivals. The band launched the career of Terry Davidson who with his current band The Gears, is one of Columbus's most successful Bluesrock outfits.
Going back to his first musical roots and a direct connection to the 60's, Davidson has put together a show of vintage garage nuggets. The resurrected Barracudas will play songs by The Standells, The Knickerbockers, The Yardbirds, Beatles, Blues Magoos and more.
"The Barracudas is a project I put together to capture that raw energy we experienced when we were first exposed to Rock and Roll. Blues is my first love, but real Blues was not available to your typical Midwestern kid in 1964. We had to learn about it through bands like The Stones and The Animals. There are so many great songs from that era. We wanted to go back to our roots to bring some of that music to life again."

The Barracudas are: Terry Davidson and Jeff Passifuime on guitar, Bob "Wrench" Hanners on drums, and Mike Shoaf on bass.